Lecturing and Tutoring

Teaching Analogue Tape

I am currently employed at the SAE Institute Oxford in the capacity of Programme Coordinator and Lecturer of the Audio Production degree and Music Business degree.

My current responsibilities cover the delivery of lectures, seminars and tutorials for over 150 students, coordination of over 700 classes a year, alongside working with a national team to develop and maintain curriculum standards and ensure consistency of course material and lecture delivery for internal and external audits, including for QAA and Middlesex University.

I do this alongside the day-to-day tasks of lecturing and staff management, and also the development of college-wide timetables for class allocation, studio booking management and budgeting for studio provisions.


Programme Coordinator

Audio Production (BA/Bsc); SAE Institute, Oxford

Music Business (BA/BSc); SAE Institute, Oxford

Lecturing and Tutoring

Audio 401: Core Concepts and Pre-Production

Sound Theory, Equalisation, FX and Dynamics, Wiring, Signal Flow, Basic Mixdown, Microphones, Intro to DAWs.

Audio 402: Music Production

Stereo Microphone Techniques, Mixing Consoles, Logic, Pro Tools, Sampling, Production.

Audio 501: Advanced Music Production, Sound for Film and Live Sound

Post Production, Multichannel, Surround Sound, Sound Design, Analogue Tape, Restoration and Noise Reduction, Mastering, Live Sound

SAE 502: Creative Media Practice

Presentation skills, Research, Large Format Consoles, Mixing, Advanced Production

Audio 601: Advanced Audio Practice

Advanced Post Production, Location Recording, Music Business, Publishing, Record Deals, Distribution, Artist Managements, Record Labels, Web Services

Audio 610/620: Major Project (BA/BSc)

Supervisor to students undertaking their BA or BSc (hons) major project. I focus on students who look at Music Business, Cultural hybridity, Creative and Cultural Industries, convergence, globalisation, mass media, audio production analysis, policy and regulation, and DIY electronics. I also guide a team of supervisors that cover all other major topic fields of the Audio Production Degree.

Music Business 401: Intro to Music Business

Intro to music business studies, music industry media, history of music industries, history of music, intro to entrepreneurship, intro to contracts, intro to recording industry, intro to live industry, distribution, sampling
Music Business 402: Music Production

Music production, marketing, advertising, press media, broadcast, live events management, social media, SEO

Music Business 501: Intro to Music Business

Web design, sales, business management, economics, contracts, licensing

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