Individual Masters

Our individual masters include a high-quality stereo WAV file, basic noise reduction, LUFS checks, and embedding of metadata.

1 Track£40
5+ Tracks£35
Oxfordshire Artists Discount (single)£35


Stem Mastering

Stem mastering might be needed if a mix’s individual components need adjusting. This process takes longer but may yield better results. A stem is typically a stereo mix of one component of the track, eg. Drums, Guitars…

2-4 Stems£50
5-7 Stems£60
7+ StemsOn Quote



Other Services

Alternative Versions (ie. Radio Edits, instrumentals)£10
Album Lineup£30
DDP Image Creation + Master CD£10
Additional Formats including MP3, Flac, AIFF etc£5
Vinyl Master of Track£5
Analogue Tape Bounce£15

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