#MTFLabs Helsinki – Brainwaves and The Blockchain

Music production, HMI and Blockchain tech summed into one great stage performance.

31st Jan

MTFBerlin – Our biggest Music Tech Fest yet!

A wonderful documentary to reflect on an immense achievement.

15th Apr

Good Golly Pedagogy – Session 3 – Saving Lives With Media

How can we use creative media to raise awareness of preventative healthcare?

03rd Feb

Level UP: Dante Cert lv2! So. Many. TOOOLS!!!

Completed my Dante Level 2, showing me there is so much more to networked audio

20th Jan
Dante level 2 certified

Good Golly Pedagogy – Session 1 – Idea Generation

We officially kicked off our first project planning session towards our PBL module...

17th Jan

#MTFBerlin – Welcome to the Event Horizon

Black holes are curious things...

03rd Jun

Bespoke Beats and the Rise of the Musical Hacker

Preparing for #MTFBerlin. Writing for Audio Media.

08th Feb

Bodleian Libraries host Ada Lovelace mini-hack for kids

On Saturday 5 December, the Bodleian Libraries hosted a mini-hackathon for kids....

06th Feb

#MTFScandi – A flashback to Umeå

Several months ago, we had a fantastic time bringing Music Tech Fest to Northern Sweden

02nd Nov
MTFScandi Jason Singh, Graham Massey, Scanner

For Your Reference: A Guide to Monitors and Headphones

This month I was able to contribute to a great guide to Monitoring and Headphones

27th Sep
Monitors and Headphones Guide

#MTFCentral – Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana

It's always great when a plan comes together, and #MTFCentral really came together.

23rd Sep
Dubber and Nitin

Beats SUCK at being headphones, but it’s not what you’re buying – it’s what you’re buying into

Beats are a fashion item, nothing more.

25th Jun
beats lil wayne

You might think Taylor Swift is a hero, but there maybe something more worrying going on…

Following on from last week's post ...

23rd Jun

Apple Music, Tidal and the waves of hate still crashing in for streaming

When tech companies abuse music, please don't be shocked

15th Jun
Tidal partners drink champagne

#MTFScandi – Music Tech Fest Under The Midnight Sun

Music Tech Fest comes to its new hometown - Umeå!

10th Jun

Back in the Studio with Ran

This week marks a return to working with singer Anouk de Groot...

26th Jan
Anouk and Max in the Oxford studios

Music Tech Fest: The Community with a Festival

#MTFLondon brings together the best of music, technology and academic thinking.

14th Sep
Kids on stage at MTF

Going Indie: Why your local record store might save your music career

The independent record store is in the midst of a fantastic revival, and it might save your career

24th Jul
Local acts performing at Truck Records, Oxford

Going Indie: Don’t delay – release your music NOW!

Going Indie is a series of blog posts dedicated to the independent music scene.

22nd Jul

Virgin host “Disruptors” and Will.I.Am hangs out with ‘geeks’

Break down and reflection on this heated discussion on the relationship of music and tech

29th Oct
Virgin Disruptors Live Debate

Event: DMUG Talk – 21st June

Next week I will be giving a talk at Oxford University’s DMUG...

14th Jun
Dean McCarthy Lecturing

Jane Blue and The Hunters – The North

  Next week will see the release of a project I’ve been...

16th May
The North - Cover Art

The 360 Deal – A Guide To Entering The Music Industry

360 words by 360 people for $3.60

05th Apr

As His Master loses his Voice, can the Indie retailer rise again?

HMV’s decline into the hands of administrators should not be a shock to anybody...

15th Jan

Effects of Technological Convergence and the comparable influence of Religion and the Music industry on Policy Making in Ireland.

20th May
Irish Government Building

Stick, Twist of Fold? Will Xmas sales break the industry’s digital poker face?

24th Nov

Are streaming services a false economy for distribution in the music industry?

21st Nov

EMI might have been sold, but there’s more hard work to be done…

14th Nov

“I Produce, I Consume, therefore I am…” – The Complexity of Media Consumption, Predictability and Risk Assessment

10th Nov

Will EMI survive after the wolves are finished?

This week’s Music Week article reminded me of the ongoing problems over at EMI...

03rd Nov

Boinc in the Clouds – Spotify gets a new rival.

Discussing the impending arrival of new cloud and and online streaming service Boinc.

25th Oct

Buying / Selling / Blocking Creativity: The Sampling – Music Industry Conundrum

Are the rules surrounding sampling and copyright actually helping or harming the music industry?

24th Oct

Every Cloud…

This week I have chosen Tim Ingham’s article on Google’s apparent plan to launch a digital music service set to rival Spotify, iTunes and similar services.

18th Oct

Good News – Music not “Risky Business”!

Upon arriving at the Music Week website, I was greeted with a bit of a shock: “New report debunks idea that music is risky investment”.

11th Oct

“It’s OK to Copy, right?”

Is the copyright system failing both the consumer and the creator?

08th Oct

Cloud services and their effect on music production and collaboration

In the past year my own personal workflow has had a major upgrade: cloud computing...

04th Oct

Can Facebook create a new social listening environment?

The implications of new integration between music distribution and social platforms

03rd Oct