Good Golly Pedagogy – Session 3 – Saving Lives With Media

How can we use creative media to raise awareness of preventative healthcare?

03rd Feb

#MTFCentral – Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana

It's always great when a plan comes together, and #MTFCentral really came together.

23rd Sep
Dubber and Nitin

#MTFScandi – Music Tech Fest Under The Midnight Sun

Music Tech Fest comes to its new hometown - Umeå!

10th Jun

Going Indie: Why your local record store might save your music career

The independent record store is in the midst of a fantastic revival, and it might save your career

24th Jul
Local acts performing at Truck Records, Oxford

Going Indie: Don’t delay – release your music NOW!

Going Indie is a series of blog posts dedicated to the independent music scene.

22nd Jul

Event: DMUG Talk – 21st June

Next week I will be giving a talk at Oxford University’s DMUG...

14th Jun
Dean McCarthy Lecturing

Effects of Technological Convergence and the comparable influence of Religion and the Music industry on Policy Making in Ireland.

20th May
Irish Government Building

Celtic Tiger, Riverdance and the Export of Culture

20th May
Lost: Celtic Tiger

Creating Celtic Rock: Hybridity, globalisation and finding Ireland’s new musical voices

17th May
Celtic Rock - U2

What is Irishness? Shaping a cultural identity abroad through cultural activism and the diaspora

Ireland has a long history of emigration, with more than 70 million people around the world claiming Irish heritage. The debate over the effects of this diaspora on Irish identity stretches back many years and continues today...

17th May

Nationalism, Catholicism and Constructing Cultural Identity

Highlighting how nationalism and catholicism came to lead a nation and Ireland’s current need for a new cultural leader.

16th May

Production Lab – Hammerstep

Introduction My production lab project has taken a somewhat dramatic turn.

02nd Apr

Analysing Cultural Identity

Ethnochoreology and its ties with popular music culture

17th Mar

Musical Analysis: Bright Eyes – Landlocked Blues

09th Mar

“I Produce, I Consume, therefore I am…” – The Complexity of Media Consumption, Predictability and Risk Assessment

10th Nov

Oxford’s Creative Cultural Industries and its Publishing Cluster.

Today, Oxford is a city for not only the classical arts but also the modern creative cultural industries such as game design, music, fashion and software engineering. But one of the greatest and oldest creative mechanisms in Oxford is its publishing sector.

21st Oct