How to Support the Oxford Music Industry

On March 18, 2023
Mumford and Sons at the Jericho Tavern

Mumford and Sons at the Jericho Tavern


Are you tired of listening to the same old Top 40 hits on the radio? Do you want to discover some new, exciting music? Look no further than your local music scene!

Supporting local musicians not only helps them pursue their passion but also strengthens your community’s culture.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how you can support the music industry in Oxford.



  1. Attend local concerts
    One of the best ways to support local musicians is to attend their concerts. Oxford has a thriving music scene, with venues like The Jericho Tavern, The Bullingdon, and O2 Academy hosting live shows regularly. Check out the upcoming events on their websites and grab some tickets to support your local artists.
  1. Buy local music
    Another way to support local musicians is to buy their music. Many local artists have their albums available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Still, you can also purchase their music on Bandcamp, a platform specifically designed to help independent musicians sell their music directly to fans. Alternatively, you could visit local record stores like Truck Store, where you can find a wide selection of local music and support small businesses at the same time.
  1. Share and promote local music
    If you love a local musician’s music, why not share it with others? You can promote your favourite local artists on social media by sharing their music videos, live performances, and upcoming shows. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so don’t be afraid to tell your friends about the fantastic music you’ve discovered.
  1. Volunteer at music events
    Another way to support the local music scene is to volunteer at music events. Many events rely on volunteers to help with tasks like ticket sales, ushering, and stage setup. By volunteering, you can support local artists while also getting a behind-the-scenes look at how music events are organised.
  1. Support local music organisations
    Finally, you can support local music organisations that help promote and support local musicians. In Oxford, you could check out organisations like Music in Oxford or the Oxfordshire Music Education Partnership. By donating to these organisations or attending their events, you can help ensure that the local music scene continues to thrive.

In conclusion, there are many ways to support the local music scene in Oxford. Whether it’s attending concerts, buying music, sharing and promoting local artists, volunteering, or supporting music organisations, every little bit helps. So why not take a chance on some local musicians today? You might just discover your new favourite band!

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