Rolling Jigs – Bodhran with Audio Reactive Visuals

On October 11, 2015

Lately I’ve been looking more and more at how to experiment with my Bodhran playing. In my last post I was looking at making the drum more interesting for live performance by adding reactive lighting behind the drum. This time, I’m looking at how to create more visuals, but with a focus on generative animations that react to sound.

After looking at many audio visualisers, I stumbled onto a generative animation tool called Bass Shapes from a small art house called Yell Quietly. After recording the drum performance, I used Logic to make more triggered sounds (much like the last experiment) and then Soundflower to run it through the visual software. I the visual software, you can control the ball with your keypad arrows and use certain keys to change colours and which shapes appear.

After a few practices, this is the final result.

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