Back in the Studio with Ran

On January 26, 2015

This week marks a return to working with singer Anouk de Groot and producer Max Jones on their new project ‘Ran’. 18 months ago I mastered their last album The North under the previous name Jane Blue & The Hunters. It’s a beautifully melodic album with some lovely tones from bowed guitars and layers of vocals. Feel free to have a listen here:

Much of Anouk and Max’s work comes with a very artistic approach and aesthetic; previous music videos have been well received and the artwork, much of it done by Anouk, compliments the other imagery.

The new project sees Ran continuing down the arthouse and very melodic road. Production is only just beginning, but already we are getting some fantastic sounds hopping out of the live room.

Anouk at the Neve Genesys Anouk and Max in the Oxford studios

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