Event: DMUG Talk – 21st June

On June 14, 2013

Next week I will be giving a talk at Oxford University’s DMUG on the topic of education and the perspectives of the Music Industries.

‘So ya wanna be a rock superstar?’ – Music industry education and realigning students’ perceptions of the sector 

The evolution of the music industry is much discussed, but it’s a mess of stats, hyperbole and gossip, confusing to any young person wanting to pursue an industry career. The ‘digital age’ has brought vast and swift changes to its business model. While the industry still suffers a hangover from its previous model, it tries to embrace the opportunities of the new. Young adults are caught in a crossfire between the glorified mega-rich superstars, flashy DJ-Producer types, MTV cribs and reality talent shows on the one side and the negative air of piracy, lawsuits, record industry downturn and lack of industry jobs on the other. This industry ‘smoke-screen’ is not only misleading, it is demotivating and off-putting to many young, talented students wishing to engage with the industry. So what is realistic for students looking at the ‘music industry’, and how do we as music industry educators put them on a successful path? 

If you would like to join us to debate the topic and get some free tea and coffee, feel free to come along to the IT Services Building on Banbury Road at 2pm, 21 June. See here for more details. 

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