Jane Blue and The Hunters – The North

On May 16, 2013

The North - Cover Art


Next week will see the release of a project I’ve been working on with Jane Blue and The Hunters. This truly international project landed on my lap a couple of months ago to add the finishing touches in mastering. The album was produced by Max Jones, who I’ve previously worked with in his alternative moniker ‘The Dapper Swindler’.

Funded through Sellaband, recorded in Scotland and Holland, mastered in Oxford and cut in the Czech Republic, and Max travelling the USA, the material flew into Dropboxes around the clock. As an independent project, the group chose to utilise Pirate Press to cut the vinyl and Ditto to do the distribution, while also using services like Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter for marketing.

The project has been a good example of how musicians are utilising more web services to replace traditional label services once needed for production, marketing and distribution. With greater access to these services, minus the label, artists are able to make their works directly available to the consumer and find themselves being more engaged with their fan base through social marketing. Crowdfunding sites such as Sellaband, Pledge Music and Kickstarter are providing ways for musicians to use this fan base to generate funds for production before heading into a studio, eradicating some of the large advances necessary for these ventures.

You can now enjoy a track off the album via Soundcloud:

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