Bandcamp of the Day – Kiersten Holine

On September 21, 2012

While on my mission to find out more on Caleb Groh yesteday, I stumbled across Kiersten Holine. Part musician, part photographer, Holine is on her way to building a beautiful aesthetic – both audibly and visually.  Although the album may need a few tweeks in terms of final balance, her talent lays a strong foundation for this body of work. The layered vocal compositions of tracks like ‘Nomad’ and the Caleb Groh collaboration ‘Queen of Hearts Blues’ are certain stand out tracks.


“Having played guitar for 10 years and being mentioned in Rolling Stone, Holine’s musical passion continues to take her on new adventures. With influences ranging from Feist to Django Reinhart to Jon Brion, Kiersten persistently takes in all that is around her to refine her sound less” –

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