Bandcamp of the Day – Caleb Groh

On September 20, 2012

So I don’t know a lot about Caleb Groh. What I do know is that he likes to hold bunnies while wearing cardigans…


Don’t let that distract you from the Oberst-like distance screaming and the nashville twangs of his album ‘Bottomless Coffee’. Other things I know; he is on twitter as @calebgroh. He is probably 20. He is also from Boston, MA… I think. Overall, there is not a lot to be found on Caleb, which will probably let you enjoy the music a bit more.

“Caleb Groh (pronounced GROW) released Homemade(2008) at 16 years-old under the moniker Happiest Lion, followed by Mammoth Moon(2010), and two Christmas albums as Caleb and the Caroling Caravan. Caleb howls melodic folk songs about historical and biblical figures in fictional contexts, anthropomorphism, coffee, and the love of throws as opposed to the throes of love.” –

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