Bandcamp of the Day – Bryan John Appleby

On September 18, 2012

Over the past few weeks I have been putting up my favourite bandcamp artists on my twitter account using he hashtag #BandcampOfTheDay. I’ve decided to start logging them here too so I can have an archive of all the great artists I find.

Today, I have chosen Bryan John Appleby.


“Seattle based songwriter Bryan John Appleby spent winter and spring of this year holed up with close friends in a Ballard warehouse banging pots, plucking strings, tapping mason jars, and plunking pianos. What emerged from these musical ramblings was the long awaited debut full-length Fire on the Vine. The album elaborates on his affinity for organic soundscapes and acoustic found sounds.” –

Get the beautiful album “Fire on the Vine” on Bandcamp!

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