Some work, some play, but definitely not a dull month!!

On March 9, 2012

This month may possibly turn out to be my busiest in the last twelve. A culmination of recording projects, sound design, MA studies and a very exciting performance project with old friends is providing an impressive addition to my full time position as SAE Oxford. 

Faceometer and The Dapper Swindler

This quirky brum duo have been frequenting my studio and my living room floor for quite some time. After several songwriting expeditions, two recording projects would come into fruition – The Spooky EP and Vibe, Drill and It.

The Spooky EP

The Spooky EP

The Spooky EP was a 5 track halloween themed concoction brewed up by Will Tattersdill and Max jones alongside children’s author Sam Taplin. Recorded in 3 nights and mixed/mastered in around a week, the albums quality was bore from the talented threesome and there uncanny wordsmith, making my life in the producer chair very easy. The album was completed and released last halloween and is still available on their bandcamp:

This spring will see the completion of the Vibe, Drill and It album. The project began last June, and stopped to allow the Spooky EP  to have its moment. After a period of reflection and some more songwriting, their return to the studio will be a welcome one.

Find their musings here and @faceometer


At the beginning of 2012 I was asked by the awesome guys at Torchbox to do some sound design for a 10 part advertising campaign. The project is ongoing, so I cannot reveal the saucy details at the moment, but I have thoroughly enjoyed working again with animator Wes West (@wesayso) on these videos. Completion will hopefully happen in the next few weeks, so watch this space. 

Below is a previous project Wes and I worked on together for community app Upshot

Hammerstep, Sneaky Steppers and St Patrick’s Day madness.

Next weekend will see many of us raise a pint or nine to ol’ St Pat and celebrate all things Irish. Where would we be without a little madness thrown into the proceedings, courtesy of Irish dance, Hip Hop fusion group Hammerstep (@hammerstepshow) and King’s of the Irish dance ambush Sneaky Steppers (@sneakysteppers). Plan’s for this years festivities are currently under wraps but myself and some helpful folks from SAE Oxford will be helping to capture all the great moments. Here’s one of their best videos from last year…

MA Music Industry @ BCU

The MA is going well and it’s still great being around positive, forward thinkers who want to see responsible evolution of the Music Industry. Andrew Dubber (@Dubber) has been leading us through many of the complexities and discourses faced in our fields and with fellow lecturing staff has challenged us to really evaluate our own understanding of the industry. The course has given me the time to identify the subjects I am strong in and conduct more focused research on those areas. It’s already having positive effects on my teaching and my networking. This month will bring more blog posts here and on the MA Music Industry blog, as well as first drafts and proposals for our Music as Culture module. 

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