Our Mission

ATCM has one simple aim – to make you sound GREAT!

Whether you are an aspiring producer, a four-piece garage band, a singer-songwriter, a hip-hop beat maker or a solo artist: your art is precious. 

So why release it to the world unchecked and unprepared?

By sending your track to ATCM, you will have years of experience checking over your projects and giving it a more professional and polished sound. We use high-end audio equipment and industry standard software in a fantastic listening environment to check over your work and make tweaks where necessary.

Our Story

We started ATCM in 2016 to talk about music and to help musicians and artists find ways to improve their music without busting the bank. It was a studio, a blog, a location recording service, and tutoring service and everything in between. It was a way for me to do what I was passionate about in a way that supported the Oxfordshire community and gave artists access to the right skills and tools.

This naturally evolved into ATCM Mastering.

Today, we primarily focus on the mastering business. With artists now having greater access to means of recording and production, I help jump the gap between those mixes and the final release.

ATCM is also deeply passionate about local music and provides whatever help we can to support the scene. We provide discounts to local artists and consult on projects when possible. We believe a strong local music economy is vital for a healthy community and makes our collective creative industry stronger.

Our Engineer

ATCM’s owner and engineer is Oxford based musician, lecturer and all-around technical guru Dean McCarthy. He is a multi-faceted audio engineer with experience across live and studio sound, working with top artists such as Sia, Dizzy Rascal, Laura Marling and many more.

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Dean studied Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute and has an MA in Music Business from Birmingham City University. He is a member of the Music Producers Guild and also a Fellow of the HEA. He is also the academic head of the SAE Institute in Oxford – the flagship campus and global headquarters of the international creative media school. He has almost a decade of experience as a lecturer and programme lead in audio production and music business, nurturing a host of talent across the industry. He designed and installed the facilities for this campus and is often found hanging out in Studio 1 with the beautiful Neve Genesys, as seen above.

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