• Music Production Services

    Whether you’re putting down a couple of songs or even a whole album, get in touch to discuss recording, mixing and mastering services.

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  • Music Mixing

    Want your recordings mixed by a pro? Drop in your multitracks and we will your music them the balance and production shine they deserve.

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  • Mastering

    Want your music to sound as good as those tracks on the radio? A vast range of Mastering services are available to improve the sound of your productions.

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  • Post Production Services

    Need a crash-bang-whallop for your film? Or maybe just some overdubs on your adverts. Check out the post production services on offer.

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  • Location Recording

    Whether it’s a rock gig or an orchestra, capturing the moment is key. Ask about location recording options to fit your budget.

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  • Lecturing and Tutoring

    Available for guest lecturing, tutoring and consultation in Audio Production and Music Business.

  • Live Events

    The tricky world of live events can be a minefield. From event management to sound mixing, we can help get you through.